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1500 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine in one berry

by Emanuele Bozzone on

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Schisandra has been one of the key herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1500 years. The Chinese call it “the berry of five flavours” for its unique combination of sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour flavours. There was a legend that one day a young coal miner Lui Bang got lost in mountains. He could not find the way out for six days. Lui Bang was exhausted when he saw small red berries on the slope of a mountain. The berries gave him the strength and energy to safely get back home.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed that Schisandra helps to harmonize Qi (the substance of life-energy). The Ancient Chinese valued Schisandra berries so much that some peasants used them to pay taxes to the Emperor. How can we use Schisandra today?

Energy boost

Scientific studies have proven that Schisandra helps to cope with stress and depression, increases physical working capacity (1, 2, 3). It helps to stay calm and focused all day, dealing with mental and physical work more efficiently. 


The results of experiments have indicated that Schisandra has strong antioxidant properties and a significant protective effect against acute hepatotoxicity (4). As a result, Schisandra is an excellent herb that helps to protect liver from various diseases.

Alzheimer Disease

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is amyloid plaque, a substance found in the brains of sick people. Amyloid plaque is formed due to amyloid beta peptides. Schisandra can prevent excess formation of the amyloid beta peptides (5, 6).

Schisandra is truly an amazing herb that gives energy, preserves liver and boosts brain health. Schisandra is available now as the main active agent in the new Long Energy Coffee. Add it to your carn now.

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