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Top 9 facts about Arabica and Robusta

by Emanuele Bozzone on

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To broaden the horizons of coffee lovers, here is a list of some of the most interesting facts about well-known types of coffee:
1. Robusta can be delicious. Certain varieties have a pleasant woody and spicy aroma. This is a flavour which certain gourmet coffee lovers who love brutal bitter and strong coffee find attractive. New varieties are being created on the basis of Robusta, by grafting Arabica trees to increase immunity.
2. Arabica grows on tall trees, while Robusta grows on shrubs that only occasionally resemble small trees.
3. Genetically Robusta is the ancient ancestor of Arabica. The most aromatic and popular coffee in the world was obtained by naturally crossing Robusta and Eugenioides.
4. Colombia and Costa Rica are considered leaders in the cultivation of perfect coffee, and it is a criminal offence to grow Robusta in these countries.
5. Almost all types of instant coffee are made from Robusta. This is why gourmet coffee lovers rarely choose instant.
6. Lovers of aromatic flavour should know that Arabica beans contain a mixture of more than 800 aromatic compounds, twice as many as red wine.
7. Coffee berry pulp can also be eaten. It has a pleasant taste reminiscent of both peach and watermelon at the same time. It is dried and used to make Cascara.
8. Caffeine is a banned substance in sport. So sportsmen and women have to abstain from drinking it for a few days before doping tests. More than 12 mg of caffeine per litre can lead to disqualification.
9. Gourmet coffee lovers particularly appreciate the most expensive, luxury "Kopi luwak" coffee. It has a unique taste and is produced in a very ingenious way. The key element in its processing is the digestion of the coffee beans in the stomachs of animals. The beans are then extracted from their resulting excrement for further processing.
Just some interesting facts about one of the most popular drinks in the world. And far from everything that coffee lovers need to know, in order to understand its history.
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