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Infused Coffee: A New Superdrink?

by Emanuele Bozzone on 0 Comments

Everyone wants to be healthy. So, why aren’t all of us living to our greatest potential? Life can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming. Even with the best of intentions, all of our stress and anxieties (not to mention the day-to-day “stuff”) can knock us down and drain our energy. Besides, who has the time to eat perfectly and commit to a healthy lifestyle when we’re all out there working hard to build our best lives?

If only there was a secret weapon… something easy to incorporate into your daily routine that doesn’t take any extra valuable time, tastes delicious, and provides you with real, tangible, functional health and wellness benefits in addition to natural energy.

We get that. Why not start off your day on the right foot with a delicious, organic, power-packed infused coffee blend? Chances are that you’re already a coffee lover, so this means no change to your morning routine!

Now, of course everyone has different needs when it comes to energy. This is exactly why we have 7 different blends, each with a different energy target! We like to think of our Da Maestri 360 Energy Coffee as a superdrink, containing only the best adaptogenic herbs, berries, antioxidants, and functional foods out there. Every ingredient has a purpose!

So, which one’s right for you? Let’s take a quick spin through the different blends:

  • Do you often feel burnt out, in a brain “fog”, or like your mind isn’t as sharp it used to be? Recharge your mental batteries with our Brain Energy blend! We’ve included medium-chain triglycerides (MCT – caprylic acid in particular), which can be broken down to ketones, a source of immediate energy for your brain (2). A more energetic brain is a brain with better cognition! This blend also contains sage, a herb renowned for its memory-enhancing, attention-boosting properties(3).
  • Struggle with a sensitive stomach? If you’re plagued by issues such as nausea, slow metabolism, diarrhea, or constipation, take our Digestive Energy blend out for a spin! With MCT for energy and peppermint for gastric muscle relaxation, you’ll be feeling energized while your stomach remains calm. This special blend also contains ginger, a natural thermogenic that helps to increase the thermic effect of food – basically, additional calorie burn and increased metabolism just from digesting the food you eat (4)!
  • Protect your health with our Immunity Energy blend! Turmeric and cinnamon not only lend a signature flavor to this mix, but also functional benefits for immune health. Turmerones found in turmeric can help to decrease levels of corticosterone (a steroid) in the blood. Reduced circulating corticosterone levels can help to fight stress, alleviate chronic inflammation, and even provide antidepressant effects. Meanwhile, cinnamon is packed with antioxidants for even more inflammation-fighting power!
  • Stay young at heart with Heart Energy! This special blend gets its energy from Schisandra chinensis, an adaptogenic herb that has been found to improve blood circulation by as much as 9% in a week, allowing for improved stamina and physical performance. Not to be outdone, Heart Energy also includes pomegranate for reduced circulating triglycerides and boosted blood cells, as well as sea buckthorns for reduced stress in cardiac muscle tissue, better circulation, and lowered total cholesterol. What does this mean for you? Optimal heart health!
  • Speed up your metabolism with Slimming Energy! With Schisandra chinensis for energy, pomegranate for improved circulation, and capsaicin (from hot peppers) for increased metabolic rate, this exciting blend can help to increase fat oxidation and suppress your appetite while enhancing performance and endurance. Make the most of your healthy diet and hard work in the gym with this powerful blend! (coming soon in 2020)
  • Normalize your sleep patterns and reduce stress and anxiety with Calming Energy! This blend is packed with a herbs to help you battle mood swings, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and even pain and inflammation. Say goodbye to those pesky problems for good!

…and did we mention coffee? We think you’ll agree that 360 Energy Coffee is an effortless (and delicious!) way to top off those energy stores while providing you with important health benefits. Keep your energy flowing without having to change your daily routine!

Da Maestri Official
Da Maestri Official
360 Energy is a hollistic approach to health and wellness
We think you’ll agree that 360 Energy Coffee is an effortless (and delicious!) way to top off those energy stores while providing you with important health benefits.


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