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What is Infused Coffee by Da Maestri?

To put it simply, Da Maestri is the brand of Premium Infused Coffee with Organic Extracts and Adaptogens. Although comes with a notable character and aromas, Da Maestri coffee never contains any chemical solvents and preservatives. The cornerstone of Da Maestri vision lies in the unique Swiss-engineered technology of roasting and infusing coffee with Organic extracts. The result is healthy coffee with superfoods. How cool is that?

Is your coffee vegan?

One of the most common questions that we get and the answer is yes, it is vegan. More than that, not only is it vegan but also it is keto and paleo-friendly.

What kinds of functional coffee do you have?

Not only each coffee has its own unique combination of aromas and taste but also a set of functional properties. Let’s take a quick spin through the different blends.

Immune Energy Coffee

Turmeric and cinnamon not only lend a signature flavor to this mix, but also functional benefits for immune health. Have we mentioned that it is also keto and paleo-friendly? There you go!

Brain Energy Coffee

This blend contains sage, a herb renowned for its memory- and attention-enhancing properties that can help you boost your brainpower.

Digestive Energy Coffee

This special blend contains peppermint for gastric muscle relaxation and ginger, a natural thermogenic that helps to increase the thermic effect of food – basically, additional calorie burn and increased metabolism just from digesting the food you eat. Best way to improve your gut health.

Heart Energy Coffee

This special blend gets its energy from Schisandra (Magnolia berry or Five-flavour berry), an adaptogenic herb that has been found to improve blood circulation.

Coffee by Da Maestri - the best gift for coffee lovers

It is hard to please a coffee lover but the Gourmet series of infused coffees by Da Maestri is a real gem. How can we be so certain? We are coffee connoisseurs with tens of years of experience in the coffee industry, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified fitness trainers and third-wave coffee enthusiasts who will not settle for anything but the best.

Are you the first one who came up with the idea of infused coffee?

We were certainly among the first companies who came up with such an idea. You might have heard of Bulletproof, Valentus, Four Sigmatic, Vitacup, Smart Elevation and many others. Although we all believe in a healthy lifestyle, each of us has a different a-ha moment and the area of concentration. At Da Maestri, everything starts with coffee. We are focused on Premium Quality Blends and the proprietary technology of coffee roasting, cooling and infusion. Each Da Maestri blend is a masterpiece of the coffee world infused by some of the most powerful superfoods in the world. What else? Da Maestri.

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