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New Wave of Coffee

Over the past several decades the coffee industry has come through a series of transformations. These changes heralded the beginning of what was called Third Wave Coffee[1]. Rapid emergence of specialty coffee shops, Direct-to-Consumer distribution chains, Fair Trade policies, Single origin, Organic growing and manufacturing have set a new plank for coffee in the XXI century. Distributed chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's that made Second Wave Coffee, accessible and widespread solution for people seeking more authentic coffee experience, are becoming increasingly wary of the shifted tastes and preferences.
We have committed to deliver the best coffee in terms of taste, aromas, crema, and functional supplements. And we have done a great job. Our coffee dares to reengineer your entire coffee experience from scratch. It reconnects with your senses, with your feelings, with your inner self. It takes you out of the boredom and empowers you to look into your own world. It relaxes your mind and sharpens your focus, it makes you stronger and brings you calmness. It is the cup that propels you above and beyond everything. We wish that this cup was never empty.


Da Maestri is a coffee company sharing with the world the best qualities and taste of the premium coffee infused with potent superfood nutrients. Our patented technology of infusing healthy nutrients and vitamins onto the coffee guaranties the 100% delivery of active nutrition and vitamins, not compromising the taste and aroma of the coffee, helping people to fulfill their daily demand in energy, fight back anxiety and stress.


During the conquest for technology enhancement, people lost the connection with the nature. Equipped with new technology and proven knowledge of generations, we created a product that will fulfill the energy demand of the modern men, to confront challenges of the XXI century

Now it’s time to come back to the roots… superfoods roots.

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